Web Applications

Frontend development experience using React in bulding static websites (Gatsby), client-side rendered websites (Create React App) and server-side rendered websites (Next). In addition to State management using Redux (+ Redux Tookit) and Redux Saga, and testing with Jest. Also, light experience in using Angular and the .NET stack. Backend developement experience using Node, with slight experience in Python (as a Backend server), Ruby on Rails and Go.

Medium Unblocker
2020 Personal Project
A small Google Chrome extention that unblocks "Medium" articles.

Fake Scientific Journal
2020 Personal Project
A Next.js website for generating links with social media previews for joke scientific journals.

Spotify to Youtube Converter
2020 Personal Project
A Node server to get the Youtube URL of a Spotify track. I'm also currently developing a Chrome extension to automatically redirect Spotify links into their equivelant Youtube video.

Is this the Onion?
2020 Personal Project
A simple game where you try to identify wether the given headline belongs to the onion or not, i.e. wether it is satirical or not. Built using React and Create React App (Client-side rendering) without a server and data collected from Reddit. Styled with Ant Design.

IMDB's Top 250 Planner
2020 Personal Project
A website designed to make a customized schedule for completing IMDB's Top 250 movies. Built using React and Create React App (Client-side rendering) without a server. Styled with blueprintJS.

GAFI Website
2019 University Project
General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) website built using Node, MongoDB and React.

Games and Desktop Applications

Experience in Game Development using OpenGL (C++) and Desktop Applications development using Java and Python.

Star Wars Game
2020 University Project
A fully textured 3D game with a Star Wars theme. Built using OpenGL and C++.

Superhero Chess
2018 University Project
A large scale Chess spinoff game with Superpowers to some peices and a Disney theme. Built with Java.

Data Science Projects

Machine Learning/Deep Learing + Data Engineering large scale projects uning Python with TensorFlow, Keras, and Scikit Learn.

EEG Emregncy Braking Detection
2020 Bachelor Project
This is my Bachelor Project. It constructs Machine Learning and Deep Learning models to detect Emrgency Braking events while driving using EEG signals captured using an EMOTIV EEG headset. We also constructed an experiement uing AirSim to collect EEG data.

Smart Grids Optimisation
2019-2020 Research Project
This is a collaboration with INESC at the University of Porto, Portgual. It is a smart grid simulation with three prosumers each having access to solar energy, wind energy, EV cars and more. The grid is represented as Mixed Integer Optimisation problem and solved using GAMS and Python. This work was published in EEEIC 2020, an IEEE conference, and we are working now on expanding it to be published in an IEEE journal.

Lane Lines Detection
2019 Research Project
A project I did in my internship in the Self Driving Cars lab in the GUC. It is a computer vision program that detects lane lines from a dash cam video, written in Python and OpenCV.